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Emergency or Sick Visits: Call (610) 376-8691

For Well Baby or Regular check-ups call (610) 378-1722

Well Baby Office Visits


     For newborns, the first year of life will be one of the most exciting years for your baby. During this time, he/she will grow more rapidly and make more fascinating changes than he/she will ever make again. Well Baby visits will enable us to anticipate and help you with some of the common problems. Your baby should be seen for the first office check-up when specified by the doctor seeing your baby. Well Baby check-ups are then scheduled every 2-3 months until age 18 months.

     The immunizations or "baby shots" are very important for protecting your baby against certain illnesses. These will include DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough), polio, measles mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B, Hemophilus Influenza B, Pneumococcal, flu and chicken pox vaccines, in addition to the necessary boosters.

Future Appointments


     For future appointments for re-checks, lab, or routine physical consultation,

please call (610) 378-1722.

Monday thru Friday

 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM

 1:00 PM -  4:30 PM



Special Appointments


     Occasionally, problems may arise that require a longer office visit with additional time to fully address your concern. Special appointments may be scheduled for this purpose.


Telephone Calls


    Immediate attention and sick appointments.

     If you have any question concerning your child that you feel could be answered by a nurse, please call (610) 376-8691.


     If instead you would like to speak directly to your doctor, just ask and he/she will return your call at your earliest convenience.


Physical Exam Forms Require a Yearly Physical


     PIAA Sports Forms, Drivers' Permits, School Forms Brief, School Forms Detailed, Camp Forms, Working Papers, College Forms, FML Forms, Disability Forms, Cyber School Forms, Letters of Necessity, and any other forms require a yearly physical.

     *Please note that there is a charge for these forms, so please         Click here for Office Procedures to see a listing of charges for forms.

     Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want forms mailed.     

     We suggest that you schedule this appointment early to avoid the rush.

Canceling Appointments & Payment Policy 


     Courtesies and Considerations we appreciate from you as we try  very hard to keep our office on schedule:

     If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call our office no less than two hours prior to the appointment time, or earlier, at (610) 378-1722 to cancel

     No-Show Policy. In the event that you do not cancel a scheduled appointment no less than two hours prior to the appointment time, you will be subject to a No-Show fee that will be applied directly to the patient's account. Click here for No-Show details.

     Payment for office services is due at the time of your office visit. This will ensure that we can assist you without having to reschedule your visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ATM, and American Express.

     Even though we try very hard to stay on schedule, emergencies do occur and the doctor may be called to the phone for a special problem. If we are behind schedule, our staff will, whenever possible, inform arriving patients about a delay. We hope that you will bear with us, and we will do our very best to see you as quickly as possible.



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